Top 10 CPA Network for Beginners

When someone determines to start CPA marketing the first question arises is, which CPA network to join; because there are hundreds of them. Sharing secret with you, there are many fake Networks that do not pay and thus you must be very careful while choosing any CPA network to join. However, I am going to make your job much easier via this post by listing out the best CPA networks of this year that will push you toward your goal of making huge cash from via CPA marketing.
Here goes the list of best CPA networks that you can join today and make handsome amount of cash!

1. CPAGrip (Content Lock)

Cpagrip is one of the best cpa network for beginners to advanced level cpa marketer. after signup on cpagrip you will approved automatically.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPA,CPS,CPL,Content Locking
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $50
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Net-30,Net-15,Net-7
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Check,Paypal,Wire,Payoneer,ACH(Direct Deposit)
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 5% lifetime.

2. AdworkMedia(Beginner to Advanced):

AdWork Media is an innovative global affiliate network featuring powerful publisher tools including mobile-friendly Content Lockers, Link Lockers, Product Lockers, and Offer Walls.  Their 1,400+ incent offer base is comprised of top converting mobile campaigns in a variety of niches. AdWork Media’s platform and tools are built on a 100% custom in-house platform that allows them to continuously improve the publisher experience. Publishers can access advanced reports, pixel placement, postback tracking, API feeds, automatic geo-redirection, customizable monetization tools, and much more.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPA,CPS,CPL,Content Gateway,Product Locking
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $35
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Net-30,Net-15,Net-7
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Check,Paypal,Wire,Payoneer,ACH(Direct ✔️ Deposit),Payza,Western Union
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 3% lifetime.


CPAlead is a private lead generation network specializing in CPA offers, PPC advertising, and CPI mobile app installs. Since 2007, has paid out over $100,000,000 to publishers from all over the world. With advanced custom tracking and evolved traffic quality measures, we're able to provide unrivaled lead generation offers, PPC advertising traffic, and CPI mobile app installs to advertisers and publishers alike.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPA,CPL,Product Locking
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $50
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Net-30,Net-15,Net-7,Early Payment Upon Request
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Check,Paypal,Wire,Payoneer,ACH(Direct Deposit)
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 5% lifetime.

4. Maxbounty(Experts):

MaxBounty is an industry leading performance marketing network connecting trusted and skilled affiliate marketers with vetted high paying advertisers on a cost-per-action basis.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPA,CPS,CPL
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $50
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Weekly,Net-15(First Month)
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Check,Paypal,Wire,Payoneer,ACH(Direct Deposit)
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 5% for 12 months.


PeerFly is a CPA-based affiliate network that works with affiliates from all over the world. It promises to process all applications to become an affiliate within 72 hours. PeerFly hosts more than 2,000 offers, offers custom tracking solution, provides free training for newcomers and runs rewards and contests program.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPA,CPS,CPL
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $50
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Net-30,Net-15,Net-7,Bi-Weekly,Daily
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Check,Paypal,Wire,Payoneer,ACH(Direct Deposit)
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 5% lifetime.

6. MoreNiche(Health and Fitness):

The MoreNiche affiliate network is the leading health and beauty affiliate network, so anyone in this niche should be signing up for it if they haven’t already. Plus, it offers huge commissions. Which, let’s face it, is what we’re all really looking for – this site isn’t called High Paying Affiliate Programs for nothing. Not only that, but it offers only exclusive and ethical health brands across multiple health and beauty niches:
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPA,CPS
  • ✔️ Commission Rates: 40%-75%
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $100/£50
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Net-30,Net-15,Net-7,Bi-Weekly
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Wire,Payoneer,ACH,Skrill,Bitcoin,Paxum
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: No.

7. HealthTrader(Health and Fitness):

HealthTrader ( The Premium Health CPA Network ) is an open affiliate network that aims to bring a splash of innovation to the industry. We do this by providing unique tools, extensive resources and great offers
HealthTrader prides itself on providing resources that affiliates actually use. We make it easy for you to search for that perfect banner, image, document or video and our widgets allow you to create beautiful prices tables within seconds.

Many of the unique tools, widgets and plugins have already seen instant success and the actionable reports are providing the hard facts that other networks don’t want you to know. Best of all, access to HealthTrader is free and sign up takes less than 30 seconds.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPS,Revenue Share
  • ✔️ Commission Rates: 40%-75%
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $200/£100
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Monthly,Bi-Weekly
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Wire,Skrill,Paypal,Paxum
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 1%.

8. G4offers :

G4Offers is a unique cost per action affiliate network that features a wide variety of verticals and offers. When joining G4offers you are assigned a dedicated affiliate manager. The G4Offers affiliate managers are available during all times of the day and can be contacted by phone, instant messenger, and email. Unlike many networks G4offers works closely with all their affiliates. A lot of networks assign dedicated affiliate managers but don't work closely with their affiliates. The G4Offers affiliate managers will guide you and give you invaluable advice no other networks will.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPS,CPA,CPL
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $100
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Weekly
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Check,Wire,Paypal,Payoneer
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 10% for Life.

9. Ad4date (Dating and Webcam):

Ad4Date is a Dating and Webcam monetizing affiliate network. They have some of the best and high converting offers. Although they are new,yet they have some of the very well experienced people with them. With offers from Naughty, Flirt and many other dating providers, Ad4Date can be good starting choice for affiliate marketers.

They have higher payouts and very high converting offers. With advanced promo tools, you will be able to target better audience. You get personal support to their clients. You get paid always on time using some of the most valued payment gateways.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPS,CPA,CPL,Revenue Share
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $100
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Wire,Paypal,Payoneer,Paxum
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 5% for Life.

10. LosPollos(Dating):

Here at LosPollos, we cook only the best stuff, made with love from our exclusive traffic sources. We have one Smartlink for all offers in each verticals (currently more than 1,000 offers for dating). Our unique OOS (Offer Optimization System) redirects each user to a particular offer, depending on certain technological characteristics (such as device, country, etc). This ensures optimal performance and maximizes our affiliates’ earnings. Default, you will have in Offers dating smart-link and Binary / Male enhance / mainstream(in private test now) offers on request. Please note: that we do not accept email, bot or chat traffic.
  • ✔️ Commission Type: CPS,CPL
  • ✔️ Minimum Payout: $100
  • ✔️ Payment Frequency: Net-7,Weekly
  • ✔️ Payment Method: Wire,Paypal,Paxum,ePayments,WebMoney and Bitcoin
  • ✔️ Referral Commission: 5%.

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