Top 7 Email Marketing tips and tricks

Email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to consistently engage customers and prospects. For every dollar spent on email marketing, brands generate nearly $41 in sales, which outperforms mobile marketing ($10.51 per dollar spent), social media ($12.71), display advertising ($19.72), and search engine marketing ($22.24).

Did you know that email marketing is regarded as the most powerful marketing channel with an estimated ROI of $44 for every $1 spent.
Email marketing is not going anywhere. According to a study by ExactTarget,77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing communications through email. Additionally, using email as the primary source of marketing for small businesses is on the rise. 41% of small businesses nationwide now use email to market to their customers, a nearly 25% increase from last year, a 2013 surveyby AT&T shows.
Make the most of your email marketing efforts by following these quick and easy rules:

1. Write a killer subject line.

That fancy template you chose and great copy you wrote won’t matter one bit if people don’t open the message. Increase your open rates by writing intriguing yet concise and direct subject lines. Provide a short benefit statement of no more than 40 to 45 characters. Example: “Save 50% off leaf cleanup and removal.” You may also infer a benefit to entice them to open the email by saying something like “Have tax questions? Get answers quickly…”

2. Establish a clear call to action.

Recipients should know exactly what you want them to do with the message. Clearly define any steps they must take to redeem an offer, make a purchase or receive an incentive. If you don’t, many people are sure to miss the point of your message. Stick to one call to action in order to avoid confusion.

3. Watch your language.

If your email is caught in a spam filter, your messages will never reach potential customers. Furthermore, you could end up in a world of trouble if you fail to comply with the CAN-SPAM act. Avoid these problems by referencing HubSpot’s comprehensive list of words and phrases to avoid using.

4. Personalize the email

The emails are customizable. Use this strategy to increase your opening rate. You can customize the subject, using the username or, even, the content can be adapted to your tastes or preferences.
Put yourself in the user's place. How is it? What kind of information would you like to receive? Based on what you know about them you can create personalized shipments. This way you will get better results.
You can create distribution lists that contain the same message but adapted to each type of user. Thus, you will create customized templates that will be adapted to what each type of person wants to receive .

5. Responsive Design

It is increasingly common to use the mobile phone to check emails. Therefore, it is essential that your newsletter is adapted to all types of devices.
Not only should it be seen on the screen of a desktop computer, but it should be designed with the aim of being reproduced on the mobile. If most users visit your email from your mobile, it does not make sense that your strategy is not responsive.
Therefore, create an email marketing campaign that adapts to any screen and is usable . And enter images and texts worked to obtain the expected results in your campaign.

6. Another of the tips for email marketing actions: Do not fall into spam

It is a delicate issue but, following the necessary steps, it will not be excessively complicated. The first thing is that your email should be sent from a normal address. Do not use many numbers or words that are out of the ordinary. The same goes for matters. You can, however, use emoticons to stand out in your subscribers' inbox.
There is also a list of words that make your spam score rise like foam. Some of them are free, offer, discount, money, etc. And, finally, do not use too much text or many images in your email. Avoid that weigh much and commitment to consistency.

7. Performs comparative tests

Another of the tips for email marketing actions that you can not miss is creating a A/B Testing Calendar.
The comparatives are perfect tools to measure between two options which is the best for your users. In this case you can:
  • Change the time of delivery : If you are not clear when your users are online and willing to open your email, try two hours and you will know which one is the best.
  • You can also change the subject . If you have doubts about which word to put at the beginning you can create two almost equal issues and check which of them the opening rate is higher.
  • Or, on the other hand, you can also change the name of the sender .
  • And, finally, the most used: the content . You can modify the content of two newsletters minimally. It can be change the call to the action of place, color or modify the text or the size of the button, etc.
To perform A / B Test in sending your campaigns you can use tools like Sendinblue Marketing Automation. The two variants will be delivered to a percentage of the database to subsequently show the other users the option that has been most successful.
All these tips for email marketing actions will help your strategy is the most successful. With them you can make your strategy your best ally for the achievement of objectives.
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Happy Email Marketing.
Good Luck.

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