7 Tips to promote cpa offers for beginners

7 Tips to promote cpa offers for beginners
We are going to talk about how to promote CPA offers . Of course there are different ways of doing it, from paid advertising to using free platforms such as YouTube,Quora,Facebook and much more.
Now we are going to see the different ways to promote CPA offers .

1. Find the Trusted CPA network to work with

Many CPA networks will require some experience before applying to them. In general, these are the most important networks, that is to say, the largest ones, but you can start with the smallest and gain experience.

You can use below website to find out best cpa networks and offers:

In these two website you can find valuable information on CPA networks, comments, assessments made by those already affiliated with the network, etc.

2. Choose the CPA offer that pays the best commission

It is not necessary to think too deeply about this. There are hundreds of offers to choose from in a CPA network, you have to choose the offer that you think can give you the best commission for your work.

At the beginning, the most convenient option is to choose offers where only the mail or postal code should be placed (email submmit and zip submmit). In this way you will gain experience and you will be advanced.

Other offers that you can choose are those where you need to complete few fields.

3. Create a simple website like a landing page

Once you have chosen the offer, you have two options to promote cpa offers:

  • ✔️ Direct Linking  
  • ✔️ Landing Page(Recommended)  (Collect email address and grow your email list for email marketing. list building is most important factor to gain success in cpa marketing )
Direct link can be good at first to test whether the offer converts or not, or if we do not want to work so much in the beginning without having certainty about the offer.

But the most convenient thing is to create a landing page and give the personal touch that you choose. In the direct link there will be many people doing the same thing you do.

When creating the landing page, keep in mind that it must be simple and to the point. An attractive title and a powerful call to action will take visitors to the offer you are promoting. you can use Sendinblue Optin form to capture email address from your landing page.

There are a lot of landing pages for different verticals or niches that you can download and you can edit it in your own way with programs like Dreamweaver or Kompozer. You just have to search them on Google.

4. Get Traffic From YouTube

YouTube is perhaps one of the best ways you can use to spread your landing page to the CPA offer. Therefore, since good videos tend to get viral quickly, you can create some videos on YouTube about the page you created. The key is perseverance. You can not upload a single video and expect to get good results, you will have to upload several videos every day in order to generate as much traffic as possible to your landing page.

5. PPC Traffic

PPC traffic also works very well for CPA offers. PPC traffic is through paid advertising through search engines such as Google or Bing. from my personal experience Bing PPC Traffic convert well with Sweepstakes and Survey related offers. Here you have several options such as creating a blog with an article about the offer to promote, making a landing page or making a page to capture emails and then send them information through Email Marketing. Therefore, if you have some money to spend and always keeping in mind what the offer pays, it is a good option.

Get $100 Advertising credit when you spend $25 on Bing Ads

Note: get a custom domain to advertise on Bing Ads,otherwise they will banned your account and if you don't have enough money don't go for paid marketing.

6. Traffic PPV / CPV

PPV traffic or pay per view is widely used to promote CPA offers. The benefits of this type of traffic is that the cost per view is low but usually the initial deposit to enter is high.
Most popular PPV/CPV Network:
  • ✔️ TrafficVance (is now PropelMedia):TrafficVance is one of the best PPV traffic sources when it comes to quality however they have restriction in GEOs, you can only target certain countries such as US, Spain, Germany, France etc.. They have very high quality traffic available with them. Their initial deposit starts from USD 1000 and you need to have a good approach in order to get approved with them. They have targeting based on keywords as well as URLs. They have display traffic available as well. It is not very easy to get approved with them. Tip to get approved with 
  • ✔️ TrafficVance.com: you need to have a good approach in sense that you need to behave as if you are a big player in the market & you are working with other players as well so you would like to try out with them as well.
  • ✔️ 50onred : 50OnRed is also one of the great PPV traffic sources and is very good when it comes to quality. They have initial deposit amount of USD 500. They have intext, pop ups as well as display inventory available all across the globe so you can target any country you wish to apart from that you can target city as well in a country which is a plus point with 50onRed.com. With 50OnRed you can even target keywords as well as URL. If you are willing to start with 50onRed I will give a go ahead from my side.
There are other networks such as Mediatraffic, DirectCPV with a lower initial deposit (between $ 100 and $ 200), but the traffic quality is lower than the previous ones.

7. Build the list

In this case, traffic is not sent directly to the CPA offer on your landing page. What you do is build a list of subscribers through a mail capture page. The advantage of this type of work is to take the opportunity to build your list and increase your potential income later. Do not let people go to the offer without entering their name and email address. You can also promote others affiliate products related to the list's.

The power lies in the landing page

When we promote a CPA offer, one of the success factors is the landing page that we create. Therefore, remember this carefully. The landing page should be as attractive and interesting as possible. If you fail in this, you may end up losing many potential customers later. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the landing page along the way.


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