Best paid traffic sources for CPA offers

Best paid traffic sources for Cpa offers

When you talk about CPA Marketing, the all important thing that first comes to mind is “traffic.” After all, Affiliate Marketing is all about selling products and for
that you need people to view the offer and buy it.

You may have a great offer to promote, a killer landing page, and have built a top-notch sales funnel, but at the end of the day, you still need traffic to promote your CPA offers. Moreover, you need high quality targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.
Many CPA Marketers struggle at promoting offers. They run out of ideas and cannot figure out how to promote affiliate offers.

Over the years, it has become the biggest issue with Affiliate Marketers – Finding the best traffic sources for promoting Affiliate offers.

It is a big question and needs appropriate answers.

That’s primarily the reason which prompted me to come up with a post wherein I will show you the best paid traffic sources for promoting Affiliate offers.

Why Paid Traffic Sources?

It is because paid traffic sources help to bring targeted traffic to your offers which are interested in your offers niche and are likely to buy.
So, you get better results meaning more sales for your affiliate products.

And that is what you want.More sales for your Affiliate offers.
However, you need to have money for taking up paid traffic sources. If you have money at your disposal, you can go for taking up paid traffic sources for promoting affiliate offers.

More importantly, you need to know what the paid traffic sources for promoting affiliate products are.
It is where this post will help you.

It shows various paid traffic sources for promoting affiliate offers. The affiliate offers can be CPA offers or CPS offers. These paid traffic sources will help you to send high quality targeted traffic to any CPA or CPS offer.

So, let’s get down and see what the paid traffic sources for promoting affiliate offers are.

1. Social PPC Traffic

One of the best things about Social Traffic is that it includes relevant people who share similar interests. If a product is liked or recommended by someone, it carries a stamp of appreciation.
Let's review the most popular social network to promote cpa offers:

  • Facebook Ads: Facebook can be an important tool in your affiliate strategy. Most importantly, it works with many niches and approvals are quick. You can target just about anything on Facebook. However, it is strict with certain niches such as Dating, Gambling, and Weight Loss.
  • YouTube Ads:Promoting CPA offers on YouTube is a very good option if you do not want to invest too much money. The video must be related to the offer you wish to promote.You should also keep in mind that some CPA networks do not allow you to place your affiliate link directly. In these cases what you must do is with your own domain or create a landing page and integrate email subscription form to capture email address .Remember that the content of the video must be of your authorship. note: to avoid problems do not place the links in the comments, only in the description and in the video itself.
  • Twitter Ads: Using Twitter for promoting affiliate offers requires you to build relationships and create targeted lists based on interests. Let the content do the selling and not the Tweet. On Twitter, it’s the relationship that sells and not the message. So, build credibility first, and then you can create a successful business.
  • Plenty Of Fish(POF): It allows very detailed targeting and works well with many niches. You can target right down to smokers, non-smokers, overweight, or married.
  • Linkedin Ads:  LinkedIn works well with many niches including lead generation in business and finance. It allows you to target by job function and global location.

2. Search PPC Advertising:

Search PPC is advertising within search engines and is a popular source of high quality traffic. In general, there are certain restrictions regarding the impossibility of using terms that refer to trademarks.
Search Engine Traffic for CPA Marketing

  • Bing Ads : Bing, which is owned by Microsoft, has three search engines — Bing, Yahoo, and AOL — so when you advertise on one platform, your ad is actually seen on all three. This opens up campaigns to searchers across all Bing, Yahoo, and AOL owned and operated sites, as well as various partner sites.On average, a click costs 33-42% less on Bing than it does on Google ads
  • Google AdsIt is not friendly with Affiliates if you do direct promotion. However, if you go through a proper sales funnels with nice websites and lead capturing forms, it can work.

3. PPV/CPV Traffic:

PPV traffic or pay per view is widely used to promote CPA offers. The benefits of this type of traffic is that the cost per view is low but usually the initial deposit to enter is high.

Most popular PPV/CPV Networks are:
  • TrafficVance (is now PropelMedia): TrafficVance is one of the best PPV traffic sources when it comes to quality however they have restriction in GEOs, you can only target certain countries such as US, Spain, Germany, France etc.. They have very high quality traffic available with them. Their initial deposit starts from USD 1000 and you need to have a good approach in order to get approved with them. They have targeting based on keywords as well as URLs. They have display traffic available as well. It is not very easy to get approved with them. Tip to get approved with you need to have a good approach in sense that you need to behave as if you are a big player in the market & you are working with other players as well so you would like to try out with them as well.
  • 50onred : 50OnRed is also one of the great PPV traffic sources and is very good when it comes to quality. They have initial deposit amount of USD 500. They have intext, pop ups as well as display inventory available all across the globe so you can target any country you wish to apart from that you can target city as well in a country which is a plus point with With 50OnRed you can even target keywords as well as URL. If you are willing to start with 50onRed I will give a go ahead from my side.
There are other networks such as Mediatraffic, DirectCPV with a lower initial deposit (between $ 100 and $ 200), but the traffic quality is lower than the previous ones.

4. Pop-Under /Popup Traffic Sources:

Pop-Under Advertising offers top converting ad campaigns. They offer extensive reach to their advertising partners. The Pop-Under Ads can be used for capturing email addresses, promoting shopping sites, and many other things you can promote on Pop Ads.
Most popular Popunder Traffic sources are:
  • PopAds : one of the best pop-under advertising network with high quality traffic with lot's of targeting option such as: country,Carrier,Language,os,browser and much more,no bot traffic. It has advertisers from as much as 50 countries. With PopAds you can look up to perfect security and superb support, as well. min deposit: $10 via Bitcoin,Paypal,Credit Card and Wire
  • PopCash : It offers full control over your affiliate marketing ad campaigns. It is reliable and secure. It provides detailed statistics. Plus, it requires no minimum campaign budget. min deposit: $5 for paypal,skrill,paxum and $50 for Payoneer. Note: Popcash has a lot's of Junk/Proxy traffic .you need to use a tracker to detect bad traffic sources and blocked them to maximize your revenue.
  • Propeller Ads: It is one of the fastest growing ad company. It offers pop-under ads, pop-ups, pre-rolls, post-rolls, and overlay ads. It provides 100% inventory monetization, detailed real-time statistics, 24/7 support and much more.

5. Adult Traffic Sources:

Nowadays, lots of affiliates are using adult traffic for driving to dating offers,Adult and Web Cam related offers. However, you can use adult sites for driving traffic to any other product or service. Adult sites get huge traffic, and you can profitably utilize this traffic for promoting your affiliate offers. Here, I have listed some of the best adult traffic networks.
  • TrafficJunky: TrafficJunky is a self-serve advertising network which offers CPM based advertising solution for Web, Mobile, and Tablet. They can serve 141+ million daily visitors which is a very big inventory. TrafficJunky also offers publisher program, publishers are paid weekly by various payment gateway. They give lots of targeting options to advertisers by which they can target to the right audience at a very low price.
  • ExoClick : ExoClick is the fourth largest advertising network in the World. The ExoClick offer ad solution for web, mobile, tablet etc. There are various advertising options for advertisers like display banner, In-video ads, Popunder, Interstitial ad etc. ExoClick offers CPC, CPM and fixed price ads. For the publishers, ExoClick offers weekly and monthly payment by various payment gateways.
  • TrafficFactory : The TrafficFactory is another popular adult ad network source with half a Billion daily page views. TrafficFactory offers real-time bidding with lots of targeting options. Target by devices, Geo, day parting, spend limit and much more. TrafficFactory offers Display, Pop Under, and Contextual traffic.
  • Popads : PopAds is one of the best Pop-under Advertising Network. However, it also functions as an Adult Ads Network. It is a high paying Ad Network that takes good care of its members. As an advertiser, it offers you an opportunity to bring top quality visitors to your site. You can even become a publisher and monetize your website with pop-under ads. This Pop-under Ad Network is fast, efficient and secure. The payment requests are processed daily for publishers. It goes on to offer one of the fastest supports in the industry. It uses advanced SSL technology.
So, we see there are various paid traffic sources for promoting affiliate offers. You can choose a combination of these methods for promoting affiliate offers. However, as these are paid traffic sources so should come up with a budget for promoting affiliate offers.

If returns are favorable, you can increase your budget for promoting affiliate products or services. Plus, you should test these traffic source so as to ascertain which of these is most rewarding for your ad campaign.

Thanks for reading! Please share with your friends.


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