PopAds Review - Real Human Traffic For CPA/Affiliate Offers

PopAds is one of the most popular pop-under advertising networks on the internet. And it is not for less, given the great benefits it provides for both publishers and advertisers. PopAds.net is established in Costa Rica and it has offices in Poland and the United States. The Tomksoft S.A company is the owner of PopAds.

PopAds is one of the most well-known ad networks in today’s affiliate/cpa marketing world.

Key features of PopAds:

  • PopAds: its Global Ranking at Alexa.com, which reached the #61 position in a ranking including websites from all over the world!
  • Niche: It offers ads for both Adult and Mainstream content websites
  • Ad types: exclusively pops (Popunder, Popup, Tabunder, Tabup)
  • Cost model(s): CPV (bid set for each pop)
For publishers – those who have their websites and wanna sell traffic: it’s one of the highest and fastest paying ad networks with a super quick and easy website approval process.

For advertisers – those who’re looking to buy a pop ad space: it features lots of inventory from over 100 countries which filters out all proxy, bot and mobile traffic to constantly work on traffic quality improvement. Moreover, it’s got a big variety of targeting options including category, keyword, for full control traffic speed and quality.

The first thing we are going to do is analyze the inventory section. To do this, click where it says " Inventory " from your Advertiser Panel.
Here we will see many data that interest us as advertisers. With this data we can plan a promotion of a CPA offer.

This is a step that many people skip when they start in this world. But I strongly recommend that you take it out. Why?

Because here we can see for example the traffic that each country has, how many advertisers there are at this moment for each country, the average and maximum amount they are paying for their advertisements in each country, etc.

For example, in the previous table we can see that the United States has much more traffic. But we can also see that it has more competitors (426 advertisers at the moment). In addition, an ad here is more expensive than for other countries.

Analyze Traffic by Country:

Take United Kingdom as an example. By clicking on this country we can see the statistics of your traffic. This is extremely important to be able to later run a profitable campaign in PopAds.
I suggest you always do this analysis before setting up a CPA campaign in PopAds.
In the previous image, we can see several interesting facts. First of all, we have less advertiser competition. 288 at this time. The most widely used language is obviously English(United Kingdom).

Bid Distribution Map:

This bar chart is very useful. It tells us the bid of each advertiser .
As you can see in the bidding range of 0.00006 - 0.00024 there are 15 advertisers, in the range 0.00024 - 0.00042 there are 4 advertisers, in the range 0.00042 - 0.00060 there is 1 advertiser ...

What good is this information for you? Well, very simple, seeing the graph we already know that if we offer 0.007 we remove 15 advertisers from the front, if we offer 0.003 we remove another 4, that is, we are ahead of 19 advertisers ..

The important thing is to be among the 3 or 5 first advertisers to obtain the highest possible traffic and of better quality, but we will see later how the PopAds bidding system works.

Browser and Operating System:
In this graph we can see the browser that they use mainly in this country for this source of traffic. As you can see, 43.3% use Google Chrome.

The most used operating system is Windows 10 with 23.6%, followed by iOS, with 17.7%.

Many CPA offers are limited to a specific browser or a specific operating system. Imagine that you want to promote an offer of an antivirus in which you win just because someone installs it for free.

If this antivirus is corrupted to the MAC operating system, do you think it would be worthwhile to promote it to this traffic? Obviously not. Here an offer aimed at Windows would work.

you can analyze more i.e: Language,Connection type,Population,Sereen Resultion and Internet Service Provider(ISP) from popads inventory.

Creating a New Campaign on Popads:

Go to Popads and do login(if you have already signup) or Create a new account on Popads and do login.
Scroll down and go to advertiser panel and click on New Campaign

✔️ General Information:

In the first place, the tab that appears to us of "General Information" is key, because here we must enter the URL of the landing that will be shown to the users in the pop-up windows.

In addition to this field, we must fill in other fields that we will see in detail.
Name: - The name you want to put to the campaign. I usually give the same name of the offer as in the tracker. That way we do not get confused.

URL: - The URL where the landing that we are going to show is hosted. If you are using a tracker (recommended) you must place the URL that generates it.

Quality: - There are 10 levels, from the lowest 1 to the highest 10. My advice is to run at the beginning at all levels and then optimize if necessary. Sometimes you can have campaigns that work at all levels. Other campaigns can work at high levels, 8-9-10.

But keep in mind that the more you limit this field, the less traffic you will receive and the more expensive the bid will be.

Frequency Cap: - Number of times our ad will be shown to a user. My advice is to start with 1 time every 24 hours for example, although you can expand or reduce it according to what you need.

After Approval: - It  usually takes a few hours to approve the campaign. Here you can configure what you want them to do with the campaign when they approve it, put it on hold or start running.

Prime spot:  - Activating this box we make sure that our ad is shown to a user who has not seen any ad (from PopAds) at least 1 hour before. My advice, that you start with all the traffic and optimize little by little.

If you choose only Prime Spot you will be assured of "more quality" but much less traffic.

Referrer: -   You can delete the referer to your landing, so you do not know where the visit comes from. I always leave it in Standard.

Adblock:  - Similarly, we can "block" users who use Adblock. In other words, we do not show our advertising to users who have ad blocking software installed.

My advice, leave it in All traffic and limit only if necessary.

Adv. Type:  - Popunder, Popup, Tabunder, Tabup. Normally I run in Popunder, leaving checked the box to allow other types of ads if popunder is not available.

✔️ Budgets:

Budgets means Bids. This section is extremely important. This is where you set the price you're going to pay for every thousand impressions.

I advise you to analyze the section of traffic inventory that we had seen above to see the price you are paying for the country you are targeting.

Max Bid : this refers to the maximum amount you are willing to pay for one thousand impressions. For example, if you want to pay $ 4 per thousand impressions, put 0.004.

Daily Budget : here you will put the amount of money that the campaign will spend in a day.

Budget : this is the total budget for the campaign. For example, if the daily budget assigned 20 dollars, and here in total budget I put 40 dollars, it means that the campaign will be running 2 days.

✔️ Categories:

Here you can choose the categories of the sites where you want your campaign to appear. If it were an offer of Dating or an offer for adults, obviously I choose mainstream(Non adult) sites. you can choose adult category, if you are promoting adult offers.

In this case, as it is an antivirus offer, I select all the sites that are in General.

✔️ Country Targeting:

Select here the country from which you want to receive traffic.

✔️ Environment Targeting:

Setting this up is very important for your PopAds campaign. In this section you must select the operating system, the browser, you can even select the screen resolution of the user to whom your ad will be displayed.

As for this example I took an offer of antivirus installation for Android, obviously I select this operating system.

✔️ Device Targeting:

In Device Targeting you select the device in which you want your ad to be shown. You can select Desktop or desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc. you can also choose by Brands and Model.


Once we have configured all the previous fields PopAds gives us a summary of the data of our very interesting campaign where we can see approximately the traffic that the campaign will receive.

As you can see in this chart, we are informed that we will receive 28000 impressions per day. Also, for what we are paying, we rank fourth among the advertisers for this particular Geo.

If you want to increase your position and get more traffic, you just have to go back to the bids section or Budgets and increase the amount you are paying.

When you have everything correctly configured, you click where it says 'Create Campaign' and you will have the campaign in PopAds list. You only have to wait for it to be approved and start running.

Offers & Verticals:

  • Ad Types: Exclusively pops (Popunder, Popup, Tabunder, Tabup)
  • Cost Model(s): CPV (bid set for each pop)
  • Verticals: Adult and Mainstream

Payment and Deposit:

  • Minimum Deposit: Min Deposit $10 for Paypal,Credit Card,Wire Transfer and Bitcoin. No minimum deposit for Wire Transfers
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, AlertPay and Wire Transfer
PopAds is a platform with a lot of traffic and features. It may not be the best in some aspects, but, as pretty much anywhere, if you play your cards right, there’s money to be made!

Signup for PopAds here!

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