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Trafficjunky is based on Canada and started its operations since 2008. It is an advertising platform which generates 1.3 Billion impressions daily and has more than 20 million users and counting. They provide different set of solutions to advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can make use of Trafficjunky’s system which will give them intelligent ad serving, flexible geo-targeting,Operating System,Device,keywords and time targeting. All of these are directed to help advertisers earn optimal results at a very cost-efficient price. Publishers are also aided through Trafficjunky’s performance and innovative solutions. They offer monetization solutions that can maximize revenue, detailed site and spot reporting and flexible payment solutions.

TrafficJunky Benefits:

TrafficJunky is specialized in banner ads (mobile footer, interstitial, and underplayer.)
Indeed, they manage to have the best placements on those big websites we’ve mentioned before.
But that’s not the whole story:
In fact, they also get some awesome placements on Pornhub, YouPorn, XHamster, VPorn, among others.

Their main verticals are Adult Dating, Adult Pay sites, Gambling and Entertainment, Health and Beauty, Sexual Wellness, and Gaming.

TrafficJunky Received approximately 90+ million unique visits per day with 1.4 billion ads impressions per day.

i am talking about traffic from Tier-1 countries like  United States,  United Kingdom, Germany, France. 

In the following image I show you a summary of your traffic that can be very useful when choosing the CPA offer to promote with them.
TrafficJunky Review
TrafficJunky Review

Important terms to advertise on TrafficJunky:
There are eight sections for you to know!

  • Pricing & Inventory: Depending on your target, this is where you can check what you can aim for and how much it will cost you. No worries!We’ll check this section in detail. For now, just know that they update the Pricing & Inventory on a daily basis!
  • GEO opportunities: Long live the bargain sale!According to your record – and the targets you usually work with – you’ll get some cheap deals. You can also search for a specific GEO-target.
  • Conversion Trackers: The name speaks for itself. Make sure everything is tracked in one place!
  • Image Bank: Save all your images here and have them ready to be used whenever you want. A cool thing? It allows you to go for a bulk upload of up to 500 images at once!
  • Manage Labels: Tidy up your campaigns! Label and organize like a pro!
  • Bids List: The list of all the bids set on your campaigns. It’s updated every 5 minutes.
  • Sites and Spots
    Come and have a look! This is a really cool and useful insight that the TrafficJunky team provides you. You can actually get a really accurate idea of where your ad will be shown, according to device, website, and spot.

Create your First Campaign on TrafficJunky:

  • Step 1: After analyzing some important points, I think it is time to launch your first campaign in TrafficJunky . now click on "+New Campaign"
  • Step 2: You will get a window where you must configure the different parameters of your campaign.As you can see in the screenshot above, in the basic settings of your campaign in Traffic Junky you have the option to choose which devices to go to: PC, Mobile or Tablet. You can also choose Audience : Straight,Gay,Lesbian(Female Friendly) or Tranny(Transgender). Then you have the option to segment by GEO, not only by country, but also by regions or states.
  • Step 3: Below, you set the duration(Time targeting) of your campaign, if you wish, and the time you want your ad to be shown. It is too much to tell you that this type of traffic turns more into night hours. But I leave this to your choice. You should be testing to see what times you have more conversions and optimize the campaign.
  • Step 4: In Frequency Capping you can choose how many times your ads will be shown to the same person, or you can disable this option. Something I like about Traffic Junky is that it also gives you the option to segment your campaign using keywords(keyword Targeting)that are taken by user searches and video tags.
  • Step 5: Then choose the operating system, browser and browser language of your visitors. Remember that all these data must be taken into account depending on the offer you are promoting. now click on "Save and Continue"
  • Step 6: Enter your Landing page or CPA offers page url and Upload your banners . Then click on "Confirm Ads" and Continue. 
  • Step 7: Now select Website and Spot . you can select multiple spots from different's website. then click on "Next Step"
  • Step 8(Final Step): in this step select how much you want to pay for every thousands of ads impression. then click on "Confirm" to Finish your campaign setup. within few hours your ads will be approved by Trafficjunky team,then it will start showing on targeted websites and spots.
Important Tips:
Header spots tend to have a better performance.
Why? -Because they’re the first ad displayed to the user on a given website!
Don’t target/bid for too many spots.

The reason? - Their system may not be able to drive traffic to your campaign since you may fail to be able to afford a great amount of traffic!

As you can see, TrafficJunky has worldwide traffic from some of the adult vertical’s big boys!
Which ones?

  • Pornhub
  • RedTube
  • YouPorn
  • xHamster

You can’t ask for higher quality sources than that!
Moreover, from our experience and testing, we noticed some trends.

Check these trends, bro:

  • 300 x 250 has good volumes but it may fail to have a quality that’s as high as that of 305 x 99. Why? Because 305 x 99 is the size of Header spots and 300 x 250 is the size of Mobile bottom spots
  • Inside the 305 x 99, you have Headers, Underplayers, and Embed. The latter has the lowest traffic available. In addition, the Underplayer showcases the poorest performance inside the 305 x 99 spot.
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TrafficJunky Verdict:

TrafficJunky offers a huge amount of quality traffic on some of the industry’s biggest websites and spots. In fact, that’s their best selling point and what actually sets them apart from other adult ad networks.

Pornhub is their biggest source in terms of daily impressions, counting for more than 50% of the total traffic in mobile, followed by huge YouPorn spots. You’ll be challenged while using TrafficJunky, and the ISP target will be tricky to get 100% right because of the huge amount of ISPs available and because of the fact that you can target 20 at best.

Moreover, the bidding system is tricky. You’ll need to spend some time analyzing it so as to understand how its variables count for the bid positioning. Make sure you check all the information that they freely give on their Inventory tab.

Be certain of the spot you’ll launch and understand whether or not the traffic available is relevant! In addition, remember that the competition for the spot matters. This means you must pay attention and take advantage of all of this like a master who earns money faster!

TrafficJunky is one of the top traffic sources in the industry. We’re both sure these guys are gonna give you all the tools and features you’ll need to succeed!

Offers & Verticals:

  • Ad Types: Mobile and desktop display banners and pops (the inventory is managed by a third party.)
  • Cost Model: CPM
  • Verticals: Online dating, Gaming, Adult PPV, VOD & SVOD, Live Webcams, Gambling & Entertainment, Health & Beauty, Sexual Wellness and many others!

Deposit and Payment Method:

  • Minimum Deposit: $100 via Credit Card, and Discover® or $25 via PayPal
  • Payment Methods: Credit Card, PayPal, and Discover®


  • Personal Account Manager: yes
  • Support Response Speed: fast. They have live support through phone and live chat
  • Support Rating: great. The answers were detailed and clarifying.
  • Contact Methods: live chat, phone and via email/Skype with your account manager
  • Contact:

i hope that this article has been able to help you better understand the dynamics and tools that this source provides its advertisers.


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