Aweber Review 2019 - Overview, Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

AWeber Review
Aweber provides top tier email marketing services, features and resources for businesses of all sizes. Fully featured, hundreds of templates and an excellent mobile marketing feature, AWeber is worth a try.

AWeber is a system branded by many experts and professionals as one of the best platforms for email marketing which continues to impress with its superior autoresponders and rich feature set. AWeber provides businesses with the means to automate the process of delivering professionally designed and personalized emails and targeted messages to their customers and send follow up emails based on a schedule. This feature makes it easy for businesses to establish a relationship with a prospect or maintain and enhance a stronger bond with an existing client.

At the same time, AWeber is a well integrated system that blends easily in every software ecosystem. You can use it seamlessly with platforms such as Cyfe, Launch Effect, Drupal, WordPress, Raven, Unbounce, Magento, and many more. The system is reasonably priced, to say at least, and therefore accessible to companies with smaller and larger number of subscribers. Plans start from $19 per month for 500 subscribers, and move to $149 for 10,000 of them. Teams with more than 25,000 subscribers should contact the company to obtain a special quote.
AWeber might be best known for its 30-day free trial, which gives you full access to all of its features.
✔️ Aweber Review- Features:
  • Email Marketing: Send beautifully-designed, responsive emails. Increase your sales and subscriber engagement through comprehensive email marketing campaigns. 
  • Marketing Automation: Optimize your campaigns by targeting subscribers based on their actions with marketing automations. Track subscriber behavior in real time and react to completed purchases, abandoned carts, and so much more.
  • Landing Page: Create top-notch web pages for opt-in, thank you, sales, webinars, and more in less than ten minutes without touching a single line of code.
  • Drag and Drop Editor: Send beautifully-designed emails with Aweber’s drag-and-drop email builder. Pre-made email templates are also available.
  • List Building and Management: Build and cultivate a healthy contact list with a suite of special tools, like  single opt-in imports, advanced search and filtering, list hygiene, and built-in integrations. Make use of custom fields, tags, and scoring to filter and segment your lists for laser-sharp targeting – and keep them from going stale.
  • Autoresponders: Automatically deliver a sequence of messages to new subscribers.Instantly engage subscribers, Tons of email templates, Track performance , Advanced scheduling
  • Integrations: Aweber integrates with ecommerce, CRM,Paypal, social and CMS (Shopify, Magento, Salesforce, Facebook, WordPress etc) and Much more
  • Signup and Lead Gen Form: Build your list quickly with great looking sign up forms. Sign up form templates, Easy to use form designer, Form animation and effects, Split test sign up forms
  • Subscriber Segmenting: Target subscribers based on their actions with a single click. Subscriber segmentation, Target subscribers
  • Email newsletters: Easy to create for newbies with advanced options for the experts. Email templates, Blog to email, Performance tracking, Facebook & Twitter integration, Publish emails online
  • A/B Testing:  A/B testing your marketing optins is one of the best ways to boost subscribers.
  • Test, analyze, and optimize: In real time. Get a big picture view and drill down into opens, CTR, goals, mobile views and OS reports, subscriptions, and geolocation data. You can also split test and compare newsletters, landing pages and web forms – and make your next move based on rich data. 
  • Customer relationship management (CRM): Keep track of your contacts and pinpoint when to sell to them - at every stage of their subscriber journey. It’s all here - lead scoring, tags, statuses, and stages.
  • Webinars: Create top-notch web pages for opt-in, thank you, sales, webinars, and more in less than ten minutes without touching a single line of code.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 Live Chat support, Knowledge base, FREE live webinars, Tons of blog articles
Let’s explore the features of Aweber: 

1. Drag and Drop Campaign Builder:

Aweber allows you to create very simple automations with its campaign builder.
The builder allows you to create automated follow-up sequences using an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Where the automations come into play is the ability to add (or remove) tags.  Tags can be automatically added to subscribers who either open an email or click specific links in an email.

Then based on the tags a particular subscriber has, you can create a more targeted follow-up sequence.

While not as powerful or flexible as other competitors, I found the UI to be quite intuitive and an improvement over their old legacy interface.
2. Email Templates and Design:
If you are specifically looking to send attractive emails, then this tool has the right options to offer you. Drag-and-drop/HTML code editor,700+ pre-designed templates, 1,000 free iStock images, mobile previews, etc. are just for starters. Whether your graphic designer is a novice or comes with an experience of 10 years, he or she will have a blast creating your emails from scratch for you.
Moreover, if your marketing team members design the templates themselves, then also they will have a great time creating and writing those emails. Either way, you win because your target audience is receiving stellar emails and who doesn’t want that? From sports and retail to travel and health, the tool offers a variety of templates to choose from. You just need to select the right style for your brand and you are good to go!
3. Autoresponders:
Autoresponders - a series of follow up emails that are automatically triggered by either time or user actions - are a key part of any e-marketing solution.

Aweber claims to have invented autoresponders back in 1998 and as such you’d expect their autoresponder functionality to be mind-blowingly good. Oddly, it’s just ‘okay’.

On the plus side it is very easy to set up follow up emails based on time interval —for example, automatically sending subscribers an onboarding email immediately after sign up, a promo code 2 days later and a ‘follow us on social media’ email a week later is extremely easy. This is a typical use of autoresponders and it’s a breeze with Aweber.

On the down side, triggering autoresponders based on user actions and purchases is a bit more complicated than with key competitors Mailchimp and Getresponse.

Using Aweber, you can create ‘goals’ or combine automation rules with tagging to make autoresponders behave in quite funky ways...but if you want to make use of autoresponders in really advanced ways, you'll probably need to look at other products, particularly Getresponse, which provides 'marketing automation' functionality that hooks up to a built-in CRM.
4. Email Marketing Automation:
Marketing automation is a feature which is increasingly offered by email marketing solutions like Aweber.
With marketing automation, you typically design a flowchart where emails are sent based on user actions: email opens, link clicks, site visits, purchases made and so on. 
Aweber recently introduced a new marketing automation feature which to a degree provides this functionality: 'Aweber Campaigns.' With this feature, you can use certain user actions — namely opens and clickthroughs — along with the application of tags to determine what should be sent to whom and when (see above).

For example, in Aweber, you can use triggers such as purchase, specific page visits, subscriber 'score' and sales pipeline stage to send messages.

5. Responsive Email Design:

Aweber’s email templates are all ‘responsive’.

This means that they automatically resize themselves to suit the device they’re being viewed on. In this day and age of smartphones and tablets, this definitely is a good feature.

One minor gripe I have however regarding the responsive designs is that to preview them you’ll actually have to send a test email to a smartphone. On other platforms you can usually just hit a ‘preview on phone’ button or similar. 

The lack of this functionality is not a dealbreaker by any means, but it does slow you down a bit, particularly if you are sending a lot of campaigns every month.
6. Split Testing (a/b testing):
Split testing (also known as A/B testing) involves sending variants of your e-newsletters to some of your mailing list, monitoring the performance of each, and sending the 'best' version to the remainder of your list.

Most e-marketing tools handle this automatically for you: you create a few different versions of your email (using either differing content or subject headers), send them to a sample of your data, and your e-marketing solution will roll out the best performing version automatically to the rest of your mailing list.

With Aweber, you can send up to three variants of your e-newsletter when split testing. This compares reasonably well with other email marketing tools: Mad Mimi doesn’t facilitate split testing at all; Campaign Monitor only allows you to use two variants; and Mailchimp, like Aweber allows three. Getresponse is a bit more flexible however, allowing you to test up to five variants against each other.

7. Integrations: 
Aweber offers a decent range of integrations with other solutions. There are hundreds of integrations available which allow you to connect Aweber to various types of cloud-based software - web builders like Wix or Wordpress; CRM tools like Salesforce; landing pages like Instapage and so on.

Some of these involve dedicated widgets; others involve adding a snippet of code into a website; others involve a sync tool like Zapier or Pie Sync.

✔️ Aweber Pricing and Plan:
  • Hosting and emailing a list containing up to 500 subscribers: $19 per month
  • 501 to 2,500 subscribers: $29 per month
  • 2,501 to 5,000 subscribers: $49 per month
  • 5,001 to 10,000 subscribers: $69 per month
  • 10,001 to 25,000 subscribers: $149 per month

If you have 25,000+ subscribers on your mailing list, you will need to call Aweber for a quotation.

A 14% discount is available if you pay quarterly; a 15% discount is available if you pay annually. There are also some discounts available for students and not-for-profit organisations.

One aspect of Aweber's pricing structure that potential users might like is that all features are available on all plans

✔️ Final Thoughts:

Aweber was the market leader in the email marketing space for so many years, and it is confusing why they stagnated and got passed by most of their competitors.

If you are a blogger or small business that has basic email marketing needs, then Aweber still remains a reasonable choice. You get both rock solid deliverability and great support in an affordable package.

Try Aweber 30 Days Free Trials Now

Now finding the right email marketing tool for your business can be challenging and you might want to explore the options available, like SendinBlue,Getresponse, Mailjet, MailerLite

Thanks for Reading. Happy Email Marketing!


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