9 Best WordPress Security Plugins to Secure WP Sites in 2019

According to the Forbes, 75 million websites were powered by WordPress till December 2016. This clearly indicates the popularity of the most user-friendly CMS, the WordPress. As it gains popularity, it is prone to attacks from the unethical sources. The security of your website may be at risk. Some of the common security threats are brute force attacks, outdated plugins and WordPress version, downloads from non-verified sources, and unsecured hosting.
There are some simple steps you can take to secure your WordPress site. These include keeping your theme and plugins updated, using a strong username and password, using a secure WordPress hosting, installing a reputed WordPress security plugin, and scheduling regular backups.

Although WordPress is built on a secure framework, you should take precautions to strengthen your website’s security. And, WordPress security plugins come handy in protecting your WordPress site.
Here, we have listed the best WordPress security plugins of 2019.

1) Wordfence (FREE + Premium)

With more than 2 million active installs, Wordfence Security is one of the most sought after security solutions for WordPress websites. The high-end features provide protection from unidentified threats generating from unknown sources. The Threat Defense Feed mechanism drives the functionality of this amazing plugin. Wordfence Scanning function is capable of identifying and eliminating more than 44,000 known malware types.
Key Features

  • Wordfence Firewall foils all the hacking attempts on your website
  • Wordfence Scan scrutinizes all the activities and intimates the owner about the threats
  • Live Traffic function imparts real-time information regarding the traffic sources
  • It offers multi-site security for more than one website
  • It is compatible with most of the themes and plugins
  • You can access WordPress Security Learning Center, a valuable learning resource on Wordfence official website

  • Some of the features, such as Country Blocking, Scheduled Scans, and two-factor authentication, are available with the Premium version

Price : $99.00 / License. (A Free Version Also available)

2) All In One WP Security & Firewall (FREE)

This user-friendly plugin has been developed by Tips and Tricks HQ. Loaded with numerous security measures, All In One WP Security & Firewall plugin is available for free download. Take your website security to an advanced level with this security plugin for WordPress websites.

The developers claim this security plugin will not hamper your site speed. Furthermore, the users can schedule automatic database to minimize the risk associated with loss of data.
Key Features
  • Security levels are categorized into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Login Lockdown feature secures the website against Brute Force Login Attacks
  • The Strength Meter Gauge intimidates the security score

  • Regularly updated to prevent any loophole in the plugin functionality
  • Provides overall security solution including firewall setup, database security, user security, etc


  • The Intermediate and Advanced may not be compatible with the theme and other plugins. Before proceeding with these features, get acquainted with the Basic security feature.

3) iThemes Security (FREE + Premium)

iThemes Security is an effective security plugin designed by the renowned theme developers, iThemes. Formerly known as Better WP Security, this plugin offers more than 30 ways to protect your website. For an in-depth learning, you can access iThemes Security video tutorials.
Key Features
  • Malware scanning at regular intervals
  • Two-factor authentication to prevent login from unethical sources
  • iThemes Sync for managing themes and plugins from single dashboard
  • iThemes Brute Force Attack Protection Network takes stringent measures again brute force attacks
  • Available for free download and install
  • It offers tutorials for a detailed understanding
  • iThemes Security is available in the Spanish language as well

  • You need to purchase Premium version for unlocking all the features

4) Sucuri Security (FREE + Premium)

Sucuri Security is a website security suite that encompasses all the major aspects such as auditing, malware scanning, and security hardening. The professional outlook of the Sucuri Security team delivers unmatchable services in the WordPress security plugin niche.
Key Features
  • Security Activity Audit Logging feature to analyze the changes within the website
  • File Integrity Monitoring facilitates comparing the current security state with the ideal security state
  • Remote Malware Scanning identifies all the key problems associated with website security
  • If your website is listed in the blacklist engines such as Google Safe Browsing, Bitdefender, Norton, etc; Sucuri Security will assist you in removing it from their security blacklist
  • Exceptional support and outstanding security functions
  • Security Hardening feature provides overall security

  • The Sucuri interface may pose complexity to the users

5) Bulletproof Security (FREE + Premium)

Bulletproof Security for WordPress websites claims to provide protection against more than 100,000 attacks. This security plugin is loaded with numerous functions to provide a secure environment for effective website operations. AITpro, the developers of the Bulletproof Security plugin, provides video tutorials as well. Therefore, the WordPress users can grasp the plugin functionalities by watching these videos.
Key Features
  • Simplified installation with a One-Click Setup Wizard
  • Idle Session Logouts feature
  • Regular database backups to prevent any loss of data
  • Real-Time File Monitor function
  • Impressive user reviews
  • Regular updates available
  • Loaded with all the essential features

  • A beginner may find it difficult to configure the plugin because of the confusing interface

6) Google Authenticator by miniOrange

The two-factor authentication mechanism is effective in crumbling hacking attacks. Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a plugin that shields your WordPress site with two security layers.
Key Features
  • Provides two-factor authentication for all smartphones, and landlines as well
  • Can be customized for multiple users
  • miniOrange offers more than 15 authentication methods
  • Device Identification option lets a user remember the device for future reference
  • QR Code scanning, Push Notifications, and Soft Token are supported on this security plugin
  • To access all the functions, you need to purchase the premium version
  • It has limited functionality.

7) Security AntiVirus Scanner (FREE + Premium)

Automate the scanning process on your WordPress website with Security Antivirus Scanner security plugin. You can schedule this user-friendly plugin for weeding out malware and spam. It will deliver daily reports to the registered email address.
Key Features
  • Database Security Scanning keeps the database secure from the malware
  • Detailed scan results can be used to analyze the security threats
  • Initiate scan process with a single click
  • Premium level features available with the free version

  • In comparison to other plugins, the functionalities are limited.

8) Hide My WP (Premium)

If we talk about premium security plugins, Hide My WP is a preferred choice. It boasts an impressive rating of 4.5+. It constantly works to reveal new and old vulnerabilities every day. So, dodge the hackers by deploying Hide My WP for your WordPress site.
Key Features
  • Intrusion Detection and Prevention System keeps all the threats at bay
  • You can hide or rename the permalinks, theme names and plugin names, login URL, etc
  • It works perfectly for multi-sites
  • You are entitled to receive lifetime support without paying an extra penny
  • Automatic Update feature keeps the plugin up to date at all times

  • If your websites are hosted on different web servers, Hide My WP cannot work with multi-sites in this case

9) VaultPress (FREE + Premium)

Your website data is always prone to attackers and hackers. This may result in loss of data. VaultPress plugin for WordPress ensures that your data is always backed up. Moreover, data scanning prevents any malware breach.
Key Features
  • Powered by Jetpack, a plugin that provides essential WordPress features such as social sharing, user statistics, etc
  • Backs up all the data in real-time
  • It simplifies the site migration. You can initiate the process with just one click
  • Developed by trusted developers, Automattic
  • Regular updates ensure up to date algorithm

  • A VaultPress subscription is valid for a single website
  • Limited features available with the free version


This is the compiled list of the best WordPress security plugins of 2019. The plugins have been according to the features, user reviews, and the number of downloads. Secure your website from the known and unknown attacks using any of the aforementioned plugins. These plugins are compatible with almost all WordPress themes and plugins. Moreover, regular updates are available so that WordPress security is not compromised.

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