5 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins!

If you are a WordPress user then you might have come across situations when you struggle with coding. Whether an expert or a newbie, coding can be a worrisome job for everyone. But with the shortcode API introduction by WordPress 2.5, the task has been much easier. However, we have still seen people struggle with it, so today in our article we dwell on the much talked about topic of Shortcodes. And we won’t stop there because we also have the list of the Best WordPress shortcode plugins that you can install for 2018!

But before we get into the listings and the process of using the WordPress shortcode plugins, let’s get a brief idea of what exactly is a shortcode.

What are Shortcodes and why is it important?

Shortcodes are an advanced part of WordPress that provides an easy way to add custom content to your website. Whether you wish to add the elements like- buttons, tabs, and others into your post or on your page, shortcodes provide you with the option add them easily in a minimum time limit. The simple definition would be Shortcodes=Shortcut.

Instead of wasting your valuable time and effort writing tons of codes to get a work done on your website if you can use the single line of shortcode to perform the same task, why not implement it? A handy tool, with shortcodes you can simply copy it in your desired place and there you’ll have the desired content.

Now let’s get into the WordPress shortcode plugins, that you can use to integrate these codes for easy access. To further save your time and effort, here is our hand-picked list of free and premium WordPress shortcode plugins just for you! Feel free to find the one that works the best for you and your site!

5 Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins for Your WordPress website

1. Shortcodes Ultimate

A comprehensive and advanced collection of various useful and functional shortcode elements, Shortcodes Ultimate is simply one of the best out there. With over 50 beautiful shortcodes you can implement on your post editor, text widget or even in the template files, you can easily find this plugin on the official WordPress website. Create stunning and responsive tabs, buttons, boxes as well as carousels and much more in a matter of minutes!
Key Features
  • Collection of over 50 useful shortcodes.
  • One click Insertion option.
  • Integrates and compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • Responsive and modern design.
  • Powerful API with custom CSS editor
Shortcodes Ultimate is that the advanced plugin with options for premium add-ons is an awesome choice to integrate shortcodes to your site! The best part? You even get the live preview of the shortcodes integrated once you insert them into your post.

2. WP Shortcode

Want to integrate innovative and creative buttons, column layouts as well as much more onto your WordPress website? WP Shortcode by MyThemeShop will make it happen with only a click of a button. With the plugin, you can add highlights, boxes, toggles, tabs, pricing tables and other awesome integration on your content. Easy to use and free, this plugin is minimally styled that fits any site. If not, you can even customize the whole look really easily.
Key Features
  • Over 24 different useful shortcodes included.
  • No coding knowledge required.
  • One-click insertion option.
  • Responsive and minimal designs.
  • Easily customizable and custom CSS.
WP Shortcodes by MyThemeShop is that this powerful and handy plugin is one that certainly deserves all the credit it received. Unlike other shortcode plugins, the codes included here are not complex or ill-coded. Easy to use and minimally styled all the shortcodes are fit for any type of sites you wish.

3. Fruitful Shortcodes

A simple and easy to understand WordPress shortcode plugin, get the best of shortcodes made available for easy access to the powerful yet free plugin Fruitful Shortcodes. Add the elements like tabs, columns, rows, buttons, separators, as well as progress bars and buttons to make your content more appealing and interesting for the viewers. With the responsive and modern design, get all the features you wish with a WordPress shortcode plugin right here.
Key Features
  • Responsive and modern designs.
  • Over 15 different useful shortcodes for implementing.
  • Friendly and dedicated support.
  • Versatile and well-oriented shortcodes.
  • Live Preview the shortcodes integrated into your content.
Fruitful Shortcodes, as the name says this plugin is definitely fruitful. The easy and wonderful to use plugin, is flexible and suits any type of website. The well-oriented and innovative shortcodes included within is efficient. Fulfilling all the requirement of a great shortcodes collection, Fruitful Shortcodes is simply one of the best out there.

4. Vision

One of the best premium WordPress shortcode plugins, Vision has over 100 shortcodes as a collection of stunning and responsive design. Optimized for speed, get the best experience of WordPress usage once you install this plugin. The Bulletproof coding is another awesome feature that takes the cake. Not only this, but the plugin is also updated on a regular basis to match the requirement of the users.
Key Features
  • Dependable and authentic design an layout.
  • Flexible to match any type of website.
  • Over 100 different useful shortcodes.
  • Ultra responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Easy install and usage of the plugin.
Visions, is that the premium WordPress shortcode plugin is worth the splurge if you are looking for the plugin to help you out on your site. Over 100 gorgeous shortcodes included in the plugin are super accessible and responsive that is sure to take your site to the next level if you are up for it!

5. Supreme Shortcodes

Get creative and innovative with the premium WordPress shortcodes plugin Supreme Shortcodes! The ultra stylish and responsive design, get only the best from the shortcode collection integrated with the plugin. Add any beautiful elements on your post or page of your website with a click of the button. With over 100 gorgeous shortcodes that you can include, this plugin is sure to make your site visually appealing.
Key Features
  • Over 100 shortcodes that can be implemented.
  • Responsive and stylish design.
  • Easy Installation and usage.
  • Retina Ready and comes with 3D buttons and Icons.
  • Custom and fancy CSS.
Supreme Shortcodes is that this premium plugin is worth the investment if you want your site to take up the element of elegant and professional. Add any element easily and in under a minute. You can also add 3D elements making your site more intriguing!

In Conclusion:

Integrating shortcodes is the easy way out when it comes to coding in WordPress. With our list of Best Free and Premium WP shortcode plugins, we hope you have found the one that works for your site best.

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