28 best shopify apps to increase sales in 2020

Shopify never stops growing and expanding new ecommerce opportunities for its merchants. This robust retail ecosystem is able to facilitate ecommerce businesses of all ranges and sizes.
Take the following list of Shopify apps as a lighthouse. These featured applications are high-end tools, and I would say, the best Shopify apps to increase sales, get more customers to your store, and cover site optimization, logistics, and other business needs.
Among hundreds of apps on the Shopify app store, the following are the most comprehensive, easy-to-use, and reliable tools on the market.
Table of Contents:
  • Shopify Email Marketing Apps
  • Shopify customer loyalty apps
  • Shopify apps for referral and affiliate marketing
  • Shopify apps for product reviews
  • Shopify apps to increase conversion
  • Shopify apps for SEO
  • Shopify apps for building and optimizing a website
  • Shopify apps for shipping
  • Shopify apps for dropshipping
  • Shopify apps for social media
  • Shopify apps for upselling
  • Other Shopify apps for increasing sales

The 28 best Shopify apps for your store

Let’s take a look at the top Shopify apps you need to make sure your online store succeeds.
Check them out below!

Shopify Email Marketing Apps

Image result for sendinblue shopify
Okay, this may seem biased, but honestly—we believe Sendinblue’s marketing automation platform is the #1 best app you can get for your ecommerce store.
Perhaps it’s because Sendinblue is the #1-rated email marketing platform on the Shopify App Store, or that we’re the only tool on the market that offers omnichannel marketing automation.
Nonetheless, marketing automation should be your #1 priority. With powerful, actionable data and personalization, you can reach more customers in smarter ways on more channels.
It’s perfect for ecommerce marketers that are ready to graduate from their generic email marketing tools.
What You can do with Sendinblue:
  • Automatically sync all your new customers, and manage and segment them easily.
  • Create and send awesome newsletters to your customers and prospects.
  • Improve your customer retention thanks to targeted email or SMS campaigns: analyze your orders and segment your customers according to their behavior on your website.
  • Create and integrate signup forms.
  • Send your order and sign-up confirmations automatically.
  • View statistic reports for all your campaigns to improve your future emails.

Free Plan: 9000 Email/ Month and Paid Plan Start: $25 /Month for 40,000 email/month


One of the most pressing struggles that ecommerce business owners face is not knowing how to grow their business. Even after learning more about the proven strategies, it’s often difficult for them to set these strategies up in their store.
Sound familiar to you? With that, Sumo recently developed a solution to solve the problems above: Sumo Shortcuts.
Start using Sumo today to grow your email list, reduce cart abandonment, increase average order value, convert window shoppers, and more.
With shortcuts, Sumo provides you the easiest way to turn your visitors into ecommerce customers.

Shopify Customer Loyalty Apps


Simple loyalty programs help to increase customer activity and happiness. It results in bigger revenue and long-term loyalty. The LoyaltyLion program offers points for any action on your store: signup, purchases, Facebook Likes, social referrals, etc. Your customers will collect points and will be able to redeem them at your store. Check out how The Chivery generates 6% of its revenue from this program.
Recent integration with Yotpo allows rewarding its reviews using LoyaltyLion app.
One more good thing about this app is that stores with 100 or fewer orders per month can use this program for free.


Smile.io is one of the most popular loyalty points, VIP, and referral programs on the Shopify App Store.
At the time of writing, they have more than 15,000 merchants using their app to turn their shoppers into loyal customers. According to Smile.io, merchants have already seen a 15% increase year-over-year in their revenue and even a 20% increase in repeat buys.
That makes it a handy app to incorporate into your Shopify store if you want to make sure you don’t just get customers, but also that you keep them around for longer.

Shopify Apps for Referral and Affiliate Marketing


In general, referrals are a powerful tool in sales. Personal recommendations make an impact on 80% of purchases. So that’s something you should definitely try out for your ecommerce store.
ReferralCandy is an easy-to-use tool and offers a branded, seamless referral program.
By using ReferralCandy, you can choose a type of rewards and incentives: cash rewards, coupon codes, unique gifts – they are all available. Furthermore, they all are paid out automatically.
The tool provides you with high flexibility in terms of branding and customization. The setup process doesn’t require any coding skills. And what is very important – these guys provide superior customer support.


For affiliate marketing, you should definitely take Refersion into your considerations.
Refersion is one more great tool that you can find in the Shopify app listing. It has more than 700 reviews, and 86% of them are 5-star.
Apart from that, Refersion is easy-to-use and doesn’t require any tech knowledge, this platform offers great analytics for both you as a business and your affiliates.
What I like about this platform the most, Refersion offers a massive listing of influencers and affiliates on their marketplace. So it’s easier to roll-out the program.

Shopify Apps for Product Reviews


Everyone knows the magical power of reviews. I read reviews, you read reviews, everyone reads them. Yotpo helps to generate them in an easy way and to build traffic and more sales.
The fundamental review generating platform is free of charge and has a beautiful video telling the story of how it works. The additional features like On-Site Trust Widgets, social integration, SEO are paid. This app has hundreds of reviews itself.


Loox is a review app that allows you to use social proof by way of photo reviews of your online store.
It allows you to send automatic emails that ask your customers for reviews. In return for those reviews, you can offer discounts each time the photos are submitted.
According to Loox, products that included photo reviews increased conversions by up to 91%. Loox allows you to get those photo reviews that you can host on any page of your store (such as below the product that is being shown in the pictures) or even a dedicated review page.

Shopify Apps to Increase Conversion


Conversion optimization is one of the processes that last forever. Luckily, Justuno tool can help you with that. This tool will provide you with popups and bars that will help you turn visitors into customers. What I like about this app is that it’s straightforward to use, and it has a lot of themes, including seasonal ones. Also, they offer different scenarios for your popup to appear.


Personizely is a conversion marketing toolkit used to make the most out of every website visitor by collecting their contact info, increasing average order value, and boosting sales with targeted popups.
It makes it simple to create the high-converting popup with its easy to use builder, which gives you the full freedom of design.
This tool can help you to easily edit your website according to a visitor’s activity history, referral source, geolocation, device, cart value, order history and many more, splitting the website into variations with its visual on-site editor.
This app helps consolidate a large set of functionalities in one place: email popups, cart abandonment, exit-intent popups, countdown timer bars, product upsell & cross-sell, product recommendations, sales motivator bars, and website personalization.

Shopify Apps for SEO


To start selling more you have to take care of the traffic to your store. Here the search engine optimization (SEO) comes to help. One of the best solutions to take care of your SEO is SEO Manager tool.
It is easy to install, use and provides great customer support.
The tool provides 20 features, including titles and description editor, keyword suggestion, advanced meta settings, Google Mobile-friendly test, etc.


Made by Hextom, Bulk Product Edit is a great tool if you want to edit various aspects of your many products easily.
Going through each and every product can be a huge pain, which is why Bulk Product Edit is such a great tool. It allows you to edit your product’s price, compared-at price, inventory, title, tags, and much more.
You can target the products to edit by the collection, product type, vendor, keywords, tags, and title. Even better, you can now schedule these bulk product edits to run on any future date, which is great if you’ll change prices in the future (such as after a big promotion) or if you make regular updates.

Shopify Apps for Building and Optimizing a Website


Finding the perfect theme that goes with your brand identity can be a hard task, which is why Shogun’s Drag & Drop Page Builder is such a great find.
Without requiring any coding skills, you can easily create pages that fit with the feel of your online store. This app works with any Shopify theme and helps you create beautiful landing, home, product, and blog pages.
It’s also great that they’re responsive, meaning your store will look beautiful on any device.


This is a great app if you’re ready to move on up and start optimizing your site for better conversions. As you know, roughly 97% of all the people that visit your online store will never buy from you.
You can accept the status quo, but if you want to help increase your conversion rate above the industry average, you need to get accurate insights into how your visitors are behaving on your online site.
With Lucky Orange, you can get great insights with sales chat, form analytics, recordings, heatmaps, polls, and more.

Shopify Apps for Shipping


One of the hardest things about having inventory and sending the products out to your customers is figuring out your shipping logistics.
Easyship is a user-friendly app that allows you to choose from more than 100 different shipping solutions (such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc.) so that you can get the best price–and even get up to 70% off on shipping costs.
Due to their Shopify integration, you can sync your orders in a matter of seconds, downloading your orders and printing labels quickly and easily.


Another important shipping app on Shopify is AfterShip, which allows you to track all of your shipments in one place. This means your customers will have all the information they need about your delivery.
AfterShip also makes it easy for you to generate a tracking page for each shipment. This page can then be customized by including your store URL, brand logo, and even Instagram pictures.

Shopify Apps for Dropshipping


If you’ve heard anything about dropshipping, you’ve probably heard of Oberlo. Dropshipping has allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to launch their businesses easily.
They are the go-to app for helping your store import and dropship products directly into your store. It also allows you to be sure that your inventory and prices are always up-to-date, meaning you’ll have to worry less about price fluctuations.
They also have lots of great features–and resources–on their blog. And, naturally, their customers love them.


The best alternative to Oberlo has to be Spocket. They differentiated themselves from the other dropshipping apps by focusing on US and EU suppliers so customers can receive their orders fast. With retail giant Amazon dominating eCommerce, fast shipping is now a necessity to keep up.
Spocket also offers 24/7 support and branded invoicing so your customer sees your brand when they receive their product.
With a 4.7 rating and over 1630 votes, it’s easy to see why people have great things to say about Spocket.

Shopify Apps for Social Media


Outfy is one of the best Shopify apps to drive traffic. This tool empowers you to schedule and to push promotional posts to multiple social media channels, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Fancy, Pinterest, etc.
Outfy offers a post building studio with ready-made templates, hashtag builder, collage layout, and other necessary stuff for creating noticeable social posts.
Outfy has a soundest social proof with more than 800 five-star reviews. So it looks that the tool performs decently.


This tool has a simple and very clear case of use. It helps you reach out to your customers via Facebook Messenger. Order receipts, shipping notifications, promotional messages, abandoned cart messages – they all can be sent directly to your customers.
One of the most significant benefits of Facebook Messenger Marketing (FMM) is the open rate. According to the FMM team, people open 80% of all the messages they get. So it’s your chance to get noticed.
So, the FMM app looks like a dream: no coding needed, easy-to-use, great results and is totally free of charge. Is it possible? Almost 2000 five-star reviews prove it is.

Shopify Apps for Upselling

21. Frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together (FBT) app analyzes your store’s historical data and displays related product bundles in the widget on your product page. You can trust recommended products for its algorithms, or you can pick them manually.
Such product grouping helps you sell more products, increase the shopping cart value as well as general revenue.
This app is a high-end product with great customer support. It offers wide customization opportunities and effortless user experience. More than 1000 happy customers recommend it.
Ecommerce behemoth Amazon has already been using such algorithms for a while. Why don’t you try it as well?


This app is a great alternative to the previous one. It displays a fully customizable product slider with recommended products and helps you increase the average order value.
The installation process is extremely easy; no struggles with the user interface and the overall customization process.
Although this app has only 500+ reviews, 97% of them are five-star.

Other Shopify Apps for Increasing Sales


Guys, did you know that additional expenses on shipping are a top reason customers change their minds and abandon a purchase? Admittedly, it isn’t always available, but you should consider it. The app Free Shipping Bar by Hextom allows you to show the free shipping offer in the different website pages.
It is fully customizable. A bar can be configured to be shown to visitors from selected countries where you want to set up free shipping. The app is free of charge.

24. Nudgify

Nudgify is a customer engagement app, designed to enhance the experience of customers on your Shopify store. It shows real-time data that recreates a traditional shop-floor: Social proof nudges show who is buying what, and FOMO nudges show when there are only a few items left in stock.
What I like about this app is that it increases your conversion rate indirectly, by improving user experience. Unlike other social proof apps, which focus on sales, Nudgify is built for real customer engagement.


A smooth and convenient website search will have a positive impact on overall customer experience on your site. If visitors can easily find what they are searching for, they tend to purchase without looking any further. So improving your customer experience on your site is one of the tactics to increase your revenue.
If you are looking for a decent search plugin on your site, the Smart Search app is the right solution for you. It offers an unlimited number of searches, synchronizes new products and catalogs immediately, provides in-depth analytics, offers personalization possibilities, and so on.
In the Shopify marketplace, this app gets lots of love from its customers, and the customer support team is praised the most. 95% of all reviews for this app are five-star.


The tool introduces itself as “free cart reservation countdown timer that increases sales.”
Indeed, a sense of urgency can do magic. Customers tend to decide more quickly when they see that the time of reservation is melting.
This app is a small, flexible tool to enrich your marketing toolkit. It provides a small yet powerful line with short information about the cart reservation temporality.
The Conversion Plus plugin is easily adjustable. You can change the duration, colors, scenarios of what happens after the time expires, and so on.
It doesn’t use any app branding and is free of charge. So it definitely seems like one of the must-have apps for Shopify store. If nothing else, it’s worth it to try it out.


A study on social login found that 64% of consumers are more likely to return to a website that remembers them without repeatedly logging in, and 42% would make more online purchases using mobile devices if social login would be simplified.
One click social login enables your store to do it. Plus, it involves customers to be socially connected with your brand.


You can increase your revenue by paying a decent attention to “thank you” page optimization, which often is undervalued by ecommerce merchants.
Employ this page to drive additional sales and boost customer retention. This can be implemented by adding discount popups, product recommendations, customer personal data collectors, social sharing buttons, and many other opportunities.
ReConvert app can help you with doing all of that and even more.
The feedback about this app is superior. So it’s definitely worth a chance.
While this is far from an exhaustive list of must-have Shopify apps, it’s definitely full of our favorites. Choosing an app is difficult, especially when it offers something you didn’t already know you needed.
With any luck, this list will help you see optimization opportunities that these apps offer. Now you already know how to get sales on Shopify store. If you use the tool that is definitely worth a crown, please write it in a comment! Sharing is caring!

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