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Advanced School Management System in PHP and MySQL with Free Source Code

Advanced School Management System ERP in PHP and MySQL (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a collection of programs designed to assist schools in administering their executive responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. 

In the 21st century, almost every well-known educational institute uses a school management system to enhance ability and productivity. This school management system empowers schools to keep track of their daily operations while centralizing their resources and information. This managing system helps to reduce the pressure of managing a large amount of data from the school.

Any educational institute can use Advanced School Management System in PHP Like School, Collage, University and So on. You can also monitor and control the branch school management. Advanced School Management System is beneficial for Authority, Admin, Teacher , Student, Parent, Accountant, Librarian.

Advanced School Management System in PHP and MySQL is helpful for: 

  • Schools 
  • Colleges 
  • Universities 
  • Other educational institutions etc.

Simply download Advanced School Management System in PHP and MySQL Source code for Free and Start your own school management system today.

Advanced School Management System in PHP and MySQL Features:

  • Academies activities: The Academies activities features help to operate classes and other education related activities which contains:
    • Attendance : Super admin, admin and teacher can take student attendance to track academic progress.
    • Class routine: class routine helps to complete regular academic activities.
    • Subject: Super admin and admin can add different subjects for different classes. students, teachers and parents have permission to overview subjects.
    • Syllabus: Super admin, admin and teacher have permission to create the syllabus for the students and only parents and students have permission to view the syllabus.
    • Class: Super admin and admin can create a class and section and also can edit and delete , if needed
    • Classroom: Super admin and admin can add ,edit, remove classrooms.
    • Department: Every educational institute has different department to functions academic progress. Super admin and admin have authority to add, edit and erase various department.
    • Event calendar: Event calendar help to make track of an academic session. 
  • Exam Management: This examination is a process where student can show their knowledge , ability or obtain the qualification. In Advanced School Management System in PHP examination has four major Content:
    • Exam: Super admin and admin can manage the exam panel of school. you can add ,update or remove exams in this panel and teacher can see the exam details.
    • Grade: Super admin and admin can add, edit and delete a grade. Students and parents a overview the grade from their panel.
    • Marks: Advanced School Management System in PHP ,The Super admin, admin and teacher can provide marks in the exam and add comments according to the marks.
    • Promotion: Admin can promote student from one session to another session.
  • Fees Management: Super admin can manage all kinds of financial activates from this panel. super admin can manage fees in two ways:
    • Student Fees: Admin can create academic fees, filter the student fees manager and export the reports. student fees can be created in two ways , Massive invoice and single invoice. parent and student can pay student fees from their panel and print invoice for paid transaction. 
    • Expense Managing: Super admin and admin can manage school expenses and also can select and filter the expense according to the category.

Server requirements:

  • Server type: Apache server 
  • Php version: 7.0 or higher 
  • Database: Mysql
  • Recommende Hosting: Hostinger

Advanced School Management System in PHP Project Info:

Project Name: Advanced School Management System in PHP and MySQL
Programming Language: CodeIgniter
Design Interface: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Layered PNG
Recommended Hosting: Hostinger

Demo Pages of Advanced School Management System in PHP:

  • Book List Manager:

  • Department Manager:

  • Attendance Report:

  • Student Fee Invoice:

  • Teacher Permission:

Download Advanced School Management System in PHP Source Code:


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