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Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP

Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP

Are you trying to create your own fully -featured , self hosted file sharing platform like google drive ?

Try Google drive clone project to create your full featured and self hosted file sharing platform with any coding and technical knowledge.

Download Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP and create your own self hosted file sharing script like google drive.

Features of Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP

  • Live Homepage Editor: you can edit your default homepage using built-in visual page builder with live preview. no coding skill is required.
  • Easy Installation: You can install Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP in just a few clicks whiteout any coding knowledge.
  • SaaS Mode: As an admin you can make money by selling premium subscription to your user's.
  • Sharing: User's can share files and folder to their visitor's and Friends.
  • Share Link: Create publicly shareable links for files and folders with optional expiration date, password and permissions
  • Translations: You can translate your website into different language from admin area.
  • Responsive: Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP is fully responsive on mobile, tab, laptop and any other devices.
  • Preview: Preview any filetype like: mp3, mp4,pdf etc. without downloading them
  • Amazon S3, DigitalOcean, Dropbox Storage – Easily store user upload files on many different cloud services and providers.
  • Authentication – Fully featured authentication system with social login (facebook, twitter and google), normal login, registration, password recovery, account settings and more.
  • Permissions and Roles – Use fully featured permission and role system to allow (or disallow) users, subscription plans or guests to perform specific action across the site.
  • Disable Registration – Registration can be fully disabled from admin panel so only users you create manually from admin panel will be able to login.
  • Ads - Paste ad codes into integrated ad slots in admin panel and BeDrive will display them automatically.
  • Appearance Editor – Easily manage your site appearance (colors, logo, landing page, menus etc) from appearance editor.
  • Settings – Admin panel has many settings that allow you to fine-tune the site to your needs.
  • Analytics – Google analytics are integrated right into admin panel so you don’t need to open a separate page to see how your site is doing.
  • Drag and Drop – Natural drag and drop features for uploading, selecting and moving files & folders.
  • Context Menu – Fully integrated context menu (right click on file or folder) is available with all the actions you’d expect like delete, copy, share, move, rename, get link and more. This menu can be accessed from navigation bar as well on touch based devices.
  • Search – Powerful search will find files and folders that are at any level of depth.
  • File Details – Sidebar on the right will display selected file or folder details as well as preview (if available).
  • Custom Pages – Custom pages (for example terms of service, about us etc) can be created using built-in WISIWYG editor.
  • Menu Editor – All the menus across the site can be easily edited via drag and drop without any coding knowledge.

Server Requirements:

  • PHP >= 7.3.0
  • PDO Extension (enabled by default)
  • php_fileinfo Extension (enabled by default)
  • MySQL Database Server.

Some Demo Pages of File Sharing Script in PHP:

  • Admin Dashboard:
Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP
  • Pricing Page:

Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP

  • Members File:
Google Drive Clone - File Sharing Script in PHP

Download File Sharing Script in PHP Free:


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