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Complete Email Marketing Script in PHP with Source Code

Complete Email Marketing Script in PHP with Source Code

Email Marketing Script in PHP not only that you will be able to properly handle email marketing for your own purposes but you can also become an Email Service Provider for your customers, since Email Marketing Script in PHP integrates easily with payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe and it offers all the needed tools to create pricing plans, promotional codes and to manage orders and transactions created by your customers.

You can send an unlimited number of email campaigns (newsletters) to an unlimited number of lists containing an unlimited numbers of subscribers.

If you handle newsletter for multiple websites, you can treat those as customers and have unlimited too!

Email Marketing Script in PHP Features:

  • Overview Dashboard: Easily view counters about the number of email lists, campaigns, subscribers, list segments and delivery servers but also a detailed recent activity report.
  • Users Management: Users are system administrators. You can create as many as you need and assign them to various user groups with various limits and permissions.
  • User groups: Create as many user groups as you need, each group can have very fine grained permissions and limitations.
  • Customers overview: Customers are the ones that create email lists, add subscribers, send campaigns, etc. You can have unlimited separate customer accounts, in this area you can see them all.
  • Customer groups: Create as many customer groups as you need, each group can have very fine grained permissions and limitations.
  • Campaigns overview: Manage all the email campaigns created throughout the system. See regular and autoresponder campaigns together or in separate views.
  • Mass emails: Having customers you want to email an update or just some regular news? This administrative area allows you to do exactly that.
  • Login logs: View detailed logs related to system logins. See who logged in and when but also see any failed login attempt or blocked logins.
  • Delivery servers: Create as many delivery servers as you need. Choose between your SMTP servers or any of the big known email providers. Or use them together.
  • Email box monitors: Email box monitors will help monitoring given email boxes and take actions against subscribers based on the contents of the incoming emails.
  • Tracking domains: Tracking domains allow masking of the domains used in the tracking urls from email campaigns with other domains that you specify here.
  • Email templates: Create and categories as many email templates as you need. Not a designer? No problem, upload pretty much any email template and it will just work.
  • Blacklist monitors: Sometimes, emails can be automatically added in the global blacklisted for false reasons and when this happens, you need a way to monitor the email blacklist to remove such false positives.
  • Languages: Email Marketing Script in PHP can be easily translated into your own language. Various language packs are available and can easily be uploaded to translate the system.
  • Articles: Create and manage articles and article categories when you need them. No need to use an external system like WordPress to write some simple articles, use the built-in one.
  • Campaigns settings: Manage settings for attachments, template tags, blacklist words for subject and/or content, webhooks or forbidden domains in campaign fields.
  • 2FA settings: Manage the settings for 2 Factor Authentication. Each user and customer can then enable or disable 2FA per account basis.
  • Customer settings: Manage global customer settings for servers, domains, lists, campaigns, surveys, quota counters, sending, CDN, API and much more.
  • Payment gateways: Allow your customers to pay for your plans using multiple payment gateways. By default PayPal and Offline Payments are included and others can be purchased separately.
  • Price plans: Create as many price plans you need. Each price plan is connected to a customer group and represents the gateway to the group entrance. It can have it's own limits and permissions.
  • Orders management: Manage all your customers orders in one place. You can even create orders manually for your customers.
  • Promo codes: Create as many promo codes as you need for your customers. Discount by fixed amount or just a percentage. Start and end data for availability. Usage times control.

Server requirements

  • Linux operating system (windows might work but not supported)
  • Apache Webserver – version 2.x
  • PHP >= 5.2 (php >= 7.0 recommeded for high delivery speed)
  • MySQL(>= 5.1) or MariaDB, with InnoDB storage engine.
  • Cron Jobs access (linux cron jobs not web crons)

Email Marketing Script in PHP Info:

Project name: Mailwizz - Email Marketing Script in PHP
Language Used: Yii framework
Design Interface: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS

Demo pages of Email Marketing Script in PHP:

  • Dashboard
Complete Email Marketing Script in PHP with Source Code
  • Email Campaign List
Complete Email Marketing Script in PHP with Source Code

  • Templates
Complete Email Marketing Script in PHP with Source Code

Download Email Marketing Script in PHP:


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